The Birth of Trichology

Modern trichology, 'the science of hair and scalp', was established in England in 1912 as the Institute of Trichologists. It is the oldest professional association for trichologists in the world, the largest provider of trichology training in Europe. At over 100 years old, it is the longest established body of its type anywhere in the world.

This is in response to the need to explore the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. This encompasses hair loss, hair breakage, infections, scaling or itchy scalp and excessively dry or oily scalp.

As part of the diagnosis, a trichologist will analyse the hair and scalp microscopically via advanced technological tools. This is done to assess structural damage & establish the rate of hair loss.

And ever since then, Trichologists have gone on to apply their core competency in rigourous and scientific analysis to aid millions of cases of hair-related problems all around the world.
The power of Herbs:
almost magical

Herbalism is the oldest known method of healing -- used to some degree by all ancient cultures. It is not hard to imagine why early man, when marveled by the fact that a sprig of Rosemary can revive and restore a headful of hair, considered certain herbs to be magical.

Through the study of the effectiveness of useful plants, men have employed nature’s healing powers that will assist to regenerate, restore and even revive the body to the Natural optimal state – as Nature intended.