Re-grow your hair naturally with Trichologist-Validated treatments
Fly Entertainment artiste Beatrice Chia recently has increased flying schedules and her irregular eating patterns has further aggravated her scalp conditions. She noticed that her scalp started to itch and there was an increase in hair fall.

“It was an extremely busy period, and the team and I often worked so late into the night that we only had our dinner after midnight. There came an unwelcome addition to the situation and I felt so distressed by the hair fall and the scalp itchiness. But I’m honored to be the endorser for TrichoKare as I get to solve my hair problem swiftly,” She said, cheerily. Despite her problems, Beatrice has never thought of trying any products over the counter as she trusts TrichoKare as the only solution to her hair problems. When she got back to Singapore, she would pop into TK store for her long-waiting treatment. “The trichologist-validated treatments help rejuvenate my scalp and controlled the itchiness. It’s a whole refreshing experience! When I’m back to rehearsals, I felt lighthearted and it just made my day when everybody complimented how my hair looks so much healthier!”

With the cleaner scalp, and the irritation reduces and my hair feels so much better, thicker and fuller again. I would highly recommend Trichokare to anyone who has hair or scalp issues as my consultant is professional, helpful, and best of all – the treatment really works! So to Trichokare, my consultant and my therapist – Thanks a lot!