I feel more confident about my appearance!

“Flakes of dead skin were all over my clothing, and it became especially obvious whenever I wore dark coloured clothings, I started getting more worried when my hair started dropping more than usual whenever I combed my fingers through my hair.”

Mel knew that if she left it untreated, it would lead to premature hair loss. Determined, she decided to seek the help of the professionals at TK TrichoKare. “TrichoKare’s treatment used European herbs such as burdock and nettles. The friendly consultants explained that these herbs were used to reduce the itch as well as sooth my inflamed scalp. It also promotes healthy re-growth!”

After a few sessions, Mel reveals that she no longer has to worry about flakes of dead skin appearing on her clothes. “After a long day at work, my scalp did not itch as much as before. My hair was fuller and thicker. I feel more confident about my appearance.”